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Do Not Proceed Without a Qualified Disability Attorney

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Without professional disability attorneys, an people across the country might find themselves on their own with no one to help them. A November 7 article on described how New York City neglected a large number of disabled residents during recent emergencies.

It was reported that roughly 900,000 New York City residents had their rights violated when both Tropical Storm Irene and Hurricane Sandy hit the city. According to the article, evacuation plans that the city developed failed to take people with disabilities into account. Many of these people were unable to leave their buildings or reach out for help. In effect, they were stranded.

Highly qualified disability attorneys could be the best hope for someone who believes they are not receiving what the law says they are entitled to.

According to the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), reasonable accommodations are required to be made so as to provide disabled individuals with equal opportunities. Most would agree that leaving the disabled to fend for themselves during a disaster qualifies as a violation of the law. The ADA also clearly states that a covered entity must not discriminate against any qualified individual that is disabled.

Disability lawyers with years of experience under their belts can help to make sure that their clients take all the appropriate steps while learning how to file for Social Security disability. Filing for Social Security disability benefits can be a complex and lengthy process, and should not be undertaken without the help of highly qualified disability attorneys.

No matter what kind of disability an individual may be facing, it is important to know that a qualified disability attorney can help to get you the social security disability benefits that you may be deserving.


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