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When most of us see a person with a disability, we will feel bad for the person, and grateful that we are not the ones facing a disability every day. Then we simply walk away and go on with our lives, giving little thought about the risks of become disabled. In reality, however, a healthy young person has about a 30% chance of becoming disabled. Therefore, Social Security and disability insurance is important to everyone, not just those who are already living with a disability.

According to the United States Census bureau, 18.7 percent of the Americans suffer from a substantial physical impairment. This means that about one fifth of the U.S. population is currently dealing with a disability. Although some people with less severe disabilities can work, the ability to earn money largely depends upon the type of job and education of each individual. But what happens to those who are too severely disabled to work, or are unable to secure a "living wage"?

Social Security Disability is a program that was enacted to financially assist Americans with disabilities. As with any government funded social program, individuals must meet specific criteria in order to qualify for benefits. Sometimes questions arise about what constitutes disability or how to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. Social Security and disability lawyers can help their clients navigate the often confusing landscape of SSDI, and assist them with filing for Social Security Disability successfully.

Of course, there are times when individuals who feel they qualify for SSDI benefits are denied. At a time like this, it is vital that the claimant know how to find a good disability lawyer. While disability attorneys cannot guarantee that a judge will rule in their client's favor, they will do their best to give each client the best chance for a favorable ruling.

A good Social Security Disability attorney will be acutely familiar with the American Disabilities Act, as the ADA regulates the employment rights of disabled persons. Under the ADA, in order for individuals to qualify for SSDI benefits, they must meet the minimum requirements for recentness of employment and time worked.

When individuals encounter problems related to receiving SSDI benefits, they must know how to find a good disability lawyer. In fact, it is the only chance they will ever have the chance to finally get the benefits that they deserve.


The Law Offices of Andrew J. Muirhead is a leading Arizona law firm dedicated to the representation of clients involving all aspects of Social Security Disability Law. We handle cases throughout the greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area, Kingman, Yuma, and all of Arizona.

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