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The Law Offices of Andrew Muirhead:
an Update on the Supreme Court Decision
Regarding the Defense of Marriage Act

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In today’s society, we have to deal with a great many issues that affect our livelihood. The general state of our nation and our economy is still not stable. It seems unemployment is at a record high, and people are still struggling to make ends meet. Due to the age of instant information exchange, we as people in the U.S, have to be kept informed about what is happening in the world, especially in Arizona.

The Law Offices of Andrew Muirhead, take pride in keeping up to date on rulings that may affect your rights, and your social security benefits. Recently, the President of the United States has directed the Attorney General to work with other members of his Cabinet to review the recent Supreme Court decision on the defense of Marriage act. This can make an impact on Federal benefit programs, including your benefits administered by Social Security. We are told that they are trying to implement the decision swiftly.

The local AZ district office of the Social Security Administration is working with the Department of Justice to determine how the decision affects our programs. They are encouraging individuals who believe they may be eligible for Social Security benefits to apply now, to protect against the loss of any potential benefits.

Below are some frequently asked questions to help you better understood how this ruling may affect you:

Question: What can you do if you believe you are eligible for benefits?

Answer: If you believe that you may be eligible for benefits, The local AZ district office of the Social Security Administration encourages you to apply promptly. We are told that applying now will preserve your filing date.

Question: When will SSA begin paying benefits to same sex couples?

Answer:  The SSA states that they will move as soon as possible once they have finalized instructions for their personnel.

We encourage you to visit often to be kept up to date on issues that may affect your life and the lives of your family members. 


The Law Offices of Andrew J. Muirhead is a leading Arizona law firm dedicated to the representation of clients involving all aspects of Social Security Disability Law. We handle cases throughout the greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area, Kingman, Yuma, and all of Arizona.

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